Jess Hansen Golf Academy offers quick and quality club repair.

We grip clubs, replace shafts, measure loft and lie angles and custom fit all brands of clubs.​

  • Grip Replacement

 Jess Hansen Golf Academy has a variety of golf pride grip and pure grip sizes and colors in store. We also offer a variety of size and colors in super stroke putting grips for your putters. Bring your clubs in today and get a grip that's right for you

  • Shaft Replacement

 Do you need new shafts put into your clubs? If you need a new shaft come in today and find a shaft for you or bring your own. Stop by and drop your clubs off at Jess Hansen Golf Academy for a quick and quality repair. 

  • Loft and Lie Adjustment​

 Do you know the loft and lie angles of your irons and wedges? Make sure your clubs are at the right specifications for your needs. ​We can measure your clubs and make adjustments as needed.

Worldwide Leader In Performance And Customization


At Mizuno Golf, Performance is not a word that we take for granted. In fact, it is the cornerstone of everything we do. A mission that pushes us to engineer clubs that stand alone at the forefront of innovation and technology. Being passionate golfers ourselves, we are very familiar with the relentless drive to be our best, and to push for better. For us that starts with crafting equipment specific to your swing.

For avid golfers of every skill set, including some of the best players in the world, Mizuno Golf clubs have long been chosen for bringing out the best. We ensure each golfer swinging Mizuno not only has the tools to help them reach their full potential, but to exceed it. PERFORMANCE is what Mizuno Golf is all about

Confidence in only 3 Swings

Mizuno Performance Fitting System

The innovative PFS software takes the guesswork out of the fitting equation by analyzing your specific "Swing DNA" and quickly identifying the perfect shaft, shaft flex, iron model and set make up for you.

Whether you are just picking up the game, or one of the world's top professionals, the Mizuno Performance Fitting System and the Shaft Optimizer are the most accurate way to custom fit equipment for your game - immediately enhancing your performance and confidence. 

Custom Fitting Experience Like No Other

Our interchangeable iron fitting system is not only the most complete and easiest to use in complete and easiest to use in the industry, but it also offers something that no other fitting system can - the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer. In just a few swings, the Shaft Optimizer records five critical data points that make up your individual "Swing DNA"

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