Accra Tour Z Extreme Premium Driver/Woods Golf Shafts 200 Series

Accra Tour Z Extreme Premium Driver/Woods Golf Shafts 200 Series


he original Tour Z shafts revolutionized the shaft industry with it’s low launch/low spin “Tour” characteristics combined with ACCRA’s renowned “feel”. The ACCRA Tour Zx400 (Xtreme) series of shafts utilizes all of the technology of its predecessor while incorporating innovative manufacturing techniques and tangible material changes to enhance performance.

The Tour Zx400 series incorporates an improved thin wall design to increase the transfer of energy and provide unparalleled feedback to the golfer.

ACCRA pioneered the thin wall technology using a combination of super high modulus composite materials and the addition of Kevlar to provide stability. Thinner walls absorb less vibration and enable the shaft to recover faster, this combination creates speed, tight dispersion and great feel in a shaft that is “Xtreme” with regards to stability.

Any golfer looking to add stability, lower launch conditions and lower spin must test the ACCRA Tour Zx400 Xtreme series of shafts.

Tour Zx 200 Series

The ACCRA Tour Zx200 series incorporates the same technologies as the Tour Zx400 series of shafts while incorporating a more responsive tip section. Using thin wall technology and high modulus materials ACCRA has developed a TourZ option for those looking for higher launch characteristics with maximum stability. The low torque is the key to controlling spin rates and reducing dispersion.

Combining low torque and a responsive tip is a technology that ACCRA pioneered with the SE80 shaft a number of years ago, the Tour Zx200 just takes this to a new level.

The Tour Zx200 also compliments the Tour Zx400 series of shafts as a “Tour proven” fairway wood option, essentially enabling clubfitters to “DyMatch” the Tour Zx line.

Tour Z Hybrid

The Tour Zx hybrid is designed to offer aggressive swingers an 85 gram hybrid option incorporating all of the benefits of the Tour Zx wood shafts. Stability is so important when a golfer is relying on a hydrid to deliver consistent ball flight and distances.
The ACCRA Tour Zx Hybrid incorporates a Kevlar tip section along with high modulus materials to maximize feel and torsional strength, promoting an extremely penetrating ball flight.
Professional clubfitters can “DyMatch” an entire bag by utilizing the Tour Zx 400 series in the driver, Tour Zx200 series in the fairway woods and adding the Tour Zx Hybrid shaft.

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